The best breastfeeding advice for new mums – from real mums!

When you have a baby you can bet you will get loads of advice -and if your baby is the slightest bit unsettled you can be sure ‘they’ will tell you he’s hungry. When you are breastfeeding this can sow seeds of doubt  and have you questioning yourself as you try to sift through a stack of conflicting advice.

So, to make sure you have the best breastfeeding advice, we have asked the experts – real mums- what advice they would give to their new mama selves.  We have some gems here to boost your confidence but, just like any advice, sift through it by asking, is it safe? Is it respectful? Does it feel right? Then take what works for you and your baby.

Courtney: Don’t put so much pressure on yourself if you or baby don’t pick it up straight away – although breastfeeding is completely natural, sometimes it takes a while to get the hang of it. Keep persisting and trust in yourself and your baby

Carrie: Enjoy precious skin to skin & allow your baby to find their way. They will show you. Don’t let the nurses & midwives force the process by shoving your baby’s face into your breasts! Follow your baby’s lead & forget the clock…

Laura Jane: It’s going to be hard and it will hurt and you will cry but once you and your baby learn how to breastfeed it will be easy and you will love it. Hang in there!

Skye: Patience. Patience. Patience and time, it will be hard, it will be frustrating, but if you’re determined to make it work, it will happen for you, the first 6 weeks are the hardest, be patient and have lots of support from your partner or friend, but most of all be kinder to yourself.

Ada: Don’t listen to advice that doesn’t sit right with you, and don’t let anyone push your crying baby onto your breast. Be gentle with yourself and the baby, and don’t rush anything. And for God’s sake, girl, relax those shoulders before your neck seizes up!

Trust yourself Mumma, trust your body to provide nutrients to the precious little bubba you created!

 Maddie: It is not as easy as it is made out to be . Your baby and you are learning together. it is the most rewarding and challenging experience but it gets easier and easier and keep going , surround yourself with positive people who support you and believe in yourself

Theresa: This too shall pass, enjoy every moment and trust yourself xx

Ash: I’m new to breastfeeding. My boy is 5 weeks old and I just keep saying to myself you can do it! Believe in yourself and your baby. It is hard at times but we are getting there. Keep positive people around you who support you. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone call a friend that’s been through it before and ask for advice or call the Australian breastfeeding association.

Amanda: Listen to everyone who wants to give you advice but at the end of the day do what works for you and your baby

‪Tina: Trust in your body’s ability to feed and nurture your baby, and have the contact details of a recommended ibclc (Lactation consultant) on hand so that they are your first port of call should you have any questions. ‪Your best online sources are other breastfeeding mums such as the Australian Breasttfeeding Association or La Leche League.

Donna: Take your time getting to know each other, trust your baby knows what she wants and how to do it. Follow her lead, watch her cues, and enjoy!

Kassie: It won’t always hurt so much if you can get through the first few weeks it’s so much easier just relax

Lauren: Have a box of boobie bikkies in the pantry. Drink lots of water and just let your baby let you know when he or she is hungry. Best of all relax. If it isn’t working try changing rooms or swapping breasts or try sitting outside. Worked on all 4 of mine and my youngest is nearly 4 months old and loves the morning outside feed time.

Jodie: Just relax and let your baby lead, they know when they need to feed & how much milk they need – it’s actually very stress-free . I have 5 children & have demand fed them all without any pressure

Tracey: Great things don’t come easy and that also goes for breastfeeding. You will have bad days maybe horrible ones where you just think it’s ask a bit to much, but when you start having good days, amazing days you will be so proud that you were strong never gave up.

Cassandra: At the hospital ask to see a lactation specialist before you leave!!! Let them watch you attach, ask a million questions (if you have them) and don’t go home until you are satisfied you have the technique right. You’ll need to practice.

Fiona: Follow your instincts, enjoy the moments, persevere (it’s worth it), don’t be afraid to ask for help (most, if not all of us have been there) and you’re still a great mum if you can’t continue with the breast.

Christina: Breastfeeding is like learning to walk, dance or ride a bike. It comes better with practice and let the baby set the pace… Enjoy the moment as it won’t last and seek help if needed.


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