Testimonial from Tegan (ACT)


Let me just start by saying… Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!
I have birth to my little girl (baby number 5) on Monday the 31st of October. The birth went very smoothly and my baby went to the breast immediately after birth and has been a champion feeder from the second she was born. Thanks to all her amazing work, my
milk came in on the evening of Day 2 and I had loads of milk to begin with…(I follow in my Grandmother’s footsteps, who in her days of birthing and breastfeeding, she expressed milk while she was in hospital for the sick and premmie babies in there). I felt
amazing initially!

However I became quite sick within the week of the birth with a nasty chest infection, causing extremely high temperatures and awful symptoms all ’round. I felt my supply dropping off and became extremely disheartened.
I am a student midwife and was familiar with Pinky Mckay and her famous Boobie Bikkies, but never thought I’d need to use them. I did, so I ordered them on Thursday this week (10th Nov). They arrived the following day. I took two with a cup of tea around lunch
time, and by the evening, my breasts were full again! HALLELUJAH!!!!! Then this morning, even more so. I am so so so so grateful for this amazing product and I will definitely recommend them to others!
Warmest regards,



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