Testimonial from Tara (TAS)


I had my baby boy three weeks ago and had so much milk come in to start off with I was able to feed him all day and still be able to express full bottles of milk morning noon and night after feeds! But just as he turned two weeks old I got very ill and was hospitalized for a whole week, while still trying to breast feed on multiple different kinds of medication and antibiotics not to mention the stress of being sick and away from my partner due to work difficulty and distance he wasn’t able to come see us or be with us. my milk quickly demolished and I started to struggle to feed my poor boy,  I brought two boxes of the vanilla Boobie Bikkies off a friend and just one hour after my first biscuit my boob’s started to leak and I was able to feed my little man! I just got home I’m still unwell but slowly starting to feel better and my Riley is back to his cheeky, happy, sleepy self.  I can’t thank you more! Was so heartbreaking seeing him cry so much, being my first born I don’t have a clue what I’m doing or what’s normal but thanks to your biscuits even while being sick I’m still able to feed my little man my milk and not formula and that means a lot to me 93C8A5D3-490A-4AFE-8D28-F9D77AF1F6F6.png


tara stevens boobie


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