Testimonial from Samantha (NSW)


I ordered my Boobie Bikkies yesterday and received them today. I’ve never had a problem with my milk supply and Bub tends to get a mouthful of milk too quick as it shoots out way too fast for her at times. I’ve even been lucky enough to have a couple of litres stored in the freezer. My baby girl who was 12 weeks yesterday has been sleeping 7-10 hours every night since she was 3 weeks. But because of this my brain told my body it was time to ovulate and hence I got my periods back when Bub was 7 weeks old. I didn’t take much notice of it but Bub was quite fussy on the boob for the first 4 days and my nipples became tender again. She was still sleeping with plenty of wet and dirty nappies. I did some research and found that the milk can taste like different and it’s quite common for Bub to become fussy during this time. I also noticed that even though I was eating like crazy and drinking plenty of water, my supply was a little lower than usual. So when my friends decided to make another visit this week and Bub became fussy again, I thought why not try these bikkies out. I had 2 at 2.30pm today. Who knew they would work so quick. My boobs filled up more than usual and started to tingle. Bub has had great feeds all evening and I’m still feeling full and my nipples are not sore at all. I’m putting this down to the fact Bub isn’t coming off frequently and she’s not so fussy. Now it’s time to express and store this yummy milk for when Mummy needs a glass of wine 97C981B7-EED1-4132-B505-597CD3C59C87.png🍷 But on top of this, I’ve felt more energetic. Thanks heaps Boobie Bikkies. The milk bar is open once again.



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