Testimonial from Rachel


I’m not into these agencies selling crap and paying massive amounts of money for crap that DOES NOT WORK!!! This is my third child and I breast fed the first two till 10-11 months and had mass amounts of milk. With the third, when all my milk came in I had mass amount then once it settled, it had settled too much, which equaled screaming baby after every feed wanting more, so I decided to comp feed and she was content with that. I wanted to breast feed but after trying all the 2hrly feeds to boost supply, leaving her at the breast longer – I had tried everything, trust me. Then I saw the ad for Boobie Bikkies on Facebook and thought, well what did I have to lose. Have been having them now for a month… I noticed in two weeks my boobs FELT HEAVY!!!!! I had milk. I’m not exploding with it like some say but it had definately increased my supply. My baby is now 13 weeks old and I’m fully breast feeding using this product!!!!!



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