Testimonial from Prabh and Family


“I have a 7 month old baby who I have exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 months. When she turned 6 months my milk supply seemed to get low. To make sure, I expressed and I could only get 50 MLS at a time. I was very shocked as I had never struggled with supply before. She was getting more and more irritated. I went to the local clinic where I see a RN Kathy who has been giving my baby her vaccinations since birth. She talked to me regarding being stressed or not eating properly. I was in tears as my baby was not taking formula as well. Anyway, I came back home and what all of us (mums) do, I googled. And I found your website and I ordered Boobie Bikkies. I swear I had only one bikkie each day for two regular days and OMG I could feel the let downs every time she’s feeding. I have expressed since then as well and my milk supply is back as it was. I am so glad I found you. Next morning I called Nurse Kathy and also the maternal child health nurse I visit, about these life saving bikkies and they will make sure they tell all the mums who struggle like I was. And also it is on my hospital bag list that all my friends will be taking during their baby’s birth.

Lots of love

Prabh and family xx”


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