Testimonial from Jacinta


So a couple of weeks ago when Noah was 7 weeks, I noticed my boobs weren’t as full as they had been however was told that it’s normal as your body adjusts to making only what your baby needs from 6 weeks. Noah however went from gaining 300-400grams per week to 140grams and now this week, he only gained 105grams. He went from feeding on both sides within 15-20minutes to feeding for over an hour. The nurse said my milk was probably suffering because he sleeps for 12 hours at night without a feed. I tried eating more protein, expressing after feeds and drinking even more water. Nothing helped. My happy baby was no longer happy, very grizzly and unsettled. So I ordered Boobie Bikkies online after taste testing them when I was pregnant at an expo, I knew they were yummy. I ordered them on Wednesday, they were delivered Friday and I had two of them straight away. This morning for the first time in over 5 weeks with full, hard boobs that were leaking they were so full! My happy baby is back and only fed for 15 minutes again! Can’t recommend these enough. They really do work. (Via Facebook)



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