Testimonial from Bronwyn (VIC)


Today I am 4mths old. I’m exclusively breastfed and will stay that way at least until a little over 6mths of age because that’s what my Mummy & Daddy believe is the best thing for me after much research has been done. I roll from my tummy to my back, I roll from side to side on my back, I spin in circles on both my tummy and my back like a break dancer, I do sit ups when Mummy holds my hands and I take my dummy out and put it back in on my own. I’m usually smiling and laughing and I love Facetime with Grandma & Grandpa (and selfie cam). I love to look around and see what’s going on. I am AJ and my Mummy, Daddy, big brother and all my family love me very much and I make them laugh lots.

We wouldn’t be where we are without your gluten & dairy free biscuits. 1 a day makes enough difference to keep us going. Thankyou



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