Testimonial from Allisha, QLD


Thank you Boobie Bikkies! I knew my supply was low so I started my Bubba on solids to help fill her little tummy and give her a chance for longer sleeps without being hungry…. but after no change in almost 2wks I decided to give these bikkies a go (after making my own which didn’t work). I ate 2 bikkies on the day they arrived and my bubba slept really well that night…she went from waking every 1-2hrs to 3-5hr chunks.

I ate 2 again yesterday and she had 2.5hrs followed by 5hrs and then another 3hrs and waking happy at 6am. I will try again today with them but after having such little sleep over the past 2months I am stoked to see she is finally full and happy and that something is working. I can finally say that my baby has slept through the night (5hrs ). You formula is a winner



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