Testimonial from Cherie Cooper, NSW


Before Boobie Bikkies:

I am currently breastfeeding my 3rd bub who is now 5 months old. In the last month or so he seems to be constantly feeding mainly through the night, leaving me with a seemingly low supply throughout the day and into the next night. It seems to be a vicious cycle

After Boobie Bikkies:

After one bikkie in the afternoon, bub was able to have a better bedtime feed than he’d had in weeks and slept so well overnight that when he did wake for a feed, I was completely full. It’s the best feeling to be that full and KNOW that I’m going to have enough milk to feed him through the day. I’ve just had my second one as I’m doing a morning feed and feeling peckish. Loving the bikkies and will definitely be buying more.


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