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Supporting a Friend with Postnatal Depression or Anxiety

Imogen says, “I have a close friend with postnatal depression. Her new baby is only 7 weeks old and she has a toddler too. I want to help but she doesn’t seem to want any contact, she keeps pushing me away. I know she doesn’t have any family support, how can I help her? Postnatal depression is a debilitating illness that devastates families and…

Pinky McKay's Breastfeeding Simply eBook

‘Breastfeeding Simply – How to make breastfeeding easy, enjoyable and successful’ by Pinky McKay, IBCLC Lactation Consultant (that’s the gold standard for breastfeeding professionals), is a complete, easy to follow road map that reveals how you can produce nature’s own amazing wonder food for your baby – simply, easily, successfully – RIGHT NOW!