Pinky McKay Breast Feeding Interview


elebrity baby care guru Pinky McKay is up in arms witnessing a wide spread movement that is undermining breastfeeding mothers in Australia. Women are ill informed and giving up on breastfeeding in droves and now the fight is on to bring boobs back into fashion!

Both the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) state that exclusive breastfeeding until around the age of six months is preferred for better health outcomes. Only 15% of Australian babies are meeting this target.

In a society obsessed with weight loss and appearance it seems that people promoting the artificial feeding of babies are winning the war. Formula top ups and scheduled feeding are some of the commonly promoted practices that ultimately lead to a reduced breastmilk supply.

The biggest losers are new mothers and their babies who miss a precious opportunity to nourish and bond. “Anxiety over the sufficiency of breastmilk supply was the most serious problem, in that it often resulted in the cessation of breastfeeding.”



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