How Gina boosted her mama milk for twins

A little over a year ago I gave birth to two healthy twin boys via C-Section after a nightmare of not being able to give birth naturally because at the very last minute my son decided to move his shoulder forward. Being from an Eastern culture I felt I had failed as a woman not being able to give birth naturally. After being moved to my hospital room I was given one of my twins to be breast fed and I was shocked that I had no milk and this made me feel even less like a real mother. I cried for the first 3 days as i would feed my babies formula. It didn’t help having some relatives visiting me in hospital telling me their stories about breast feeding and how they never failed because it was natural and you didn’t need a special skill to do and what they didn’t understand was that why I couldn’t do it. I come from a very long line of breastfeeding mothers, except I failed.

After 11 days in hospital I came home to my mother’s home because we have this 40 day thing we do so the mum and bub can be taken care off for 40 days. It was wonderful. I was getting rest and having some time to myself for sanity sake. When the child health nurse came over and weighed the twins she was very worried about the weight of the twins, they both had not gained their birth weight back and looked a little thin. I was expressing day and night and after all the effort I would get a few drops which I treated like gold, I would make sure a drop would not be wasted during feeding time via a bottle.

By now my babies were 5 weeks old and still very underweight, my health nurse was quite bitchy to be honest because she just told me to give up on breast feeding and only stick to formula but by then it was discovered that my twins had reflux and they had to be on AR formula which is like cement. When I would get a few minutes to myself I would search the net for ways to get a better milk supply. You name it, I tried it and I mean I tried everything under the sun. I finally asked  Pinky Mckay for help. She came and saw the way I was breast feeding and was quite strict about what I really needed to do to boost my milk supply – she made sure the boys were attaching properly, showed me how to express effectively with a hospital grade double pump , using massage and ‘hands on pumping’. She discussed my medical history and my diet and included my mother and sister in my support program. Pinky also introduced me to her Boobie Bikkies, back then they weren’t marketed or available in shops. During Pinkys 2nd visit she brought me a batch, to my surprise I had milk coming through my shirt. Enough milk to feed 5 week old twins! So I called everyone I knew, posted on Facebook and Twitter that I had milk because I was so excited.

So ladies YES they do work  -I ate them and drank ginger beer. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t breast feed because you don’t have enough milk. With a lot of patience and lots of positive thinking it WILL HAPPEN I promise. Have a look at my boys’ photos, now they get called too FAT !  By sticking to breast feeding I have saved so much money on formula and because they didn’t have reflux after being breast fed no more of that horrible tasting medication Zantac.

I swear by the Boobie Bikkies and recommend it to all the lovely mamas who are experiencing low milk supply.

By Gina Khan, Melbourne, mother of Azaan and Humza.

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  1. Tina says

    After reading your story and seeing your very cute boys, I am so excited about the bikkies as i am also a new mum of twins and their is not much support out their for twin mums. Thank you for sharing your story as i feel you and i are in the same boat. i am so glad google brought me here.
    ♥ Tina

  2. Zara says

    Hi…Just like you Tina i was sent from google. I am also a mum of 6 week old twin girls and i am having very low milk supply. Gina can you please share you email Id or facebook id please. I really need to talk to someone who has gone through what i am going through. I am a social worker and i have access to loads of books but unfortunately there are no good twin books that are written from experience. I just wish Pinky would write a book about twins. Thank you so much for sharing your story Gina

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