How Boobie Bikkies helped Rebecca boost her milk supply

I have been lucky enough to feed my baby successfully from when he was born to now (nearly 15months) and our success continues. I attribute much of this success and my breastfeeding confidence to you Pinky. Before he was born, I read and consumed your E-book “Breastfeeding Simply” and I read many of your articles from the time he was born that you wrote regarding co-sleeping, trusting myself and my baby, following our instincts, feeding on demand and most importantly, a healthy diet for me will equal a great milk supply for my baby.

Of course, while your words instilled a confidence in my abilities, finding the time to eat well once my husband went back to work was not quite so easy. My baby has been a happy and easy baby from the beginning, but only so long as he had constant access to my boobs! As a new baby he was a bit skinny, but he made sure that was fixed by feeding for literally hours at a time (actually that is still his ideal situation!). But a result of this was that by about 5:00pm I felt ‘empty’ and I worried that his evening grizzling was because he was hungry because I wasn’t producing ‘enough’ milk. As such, I started waking myself at 3am every night to express so that I would have more milk to boost him up with the next evening. Considering the fact that William was still waking a minimum of 5-6 times a night for feeds, this was quite exhausting. In fact I remember one night where I had been expressing and put the open bottle with my 45 minutes worth of work beside me on the couch and must have fallen asleep and knocked it over, spilling all that liquid gold on the couch. My husband woke up and came out to find me crying and hysterically laughing… crying because I had wasted all that precious milk, and laughing because I was so tired that the idea of literally “crying over spilt milk” was hilarious. He calmly directed me back to bed, cleaned up the mess and in the morning, asked if there wasn’t a different solution than the one that had me even more exhausted than I should be?

The answer was yes! I had just been to the first Pinky Mummy Meetup where Pinky had given us a few Boobie Bikkies to try. They were still individually wrapped in my nappy bag.

That afternoon I tried a Boobie Bikkie when I felt empty and the results were incredible! Full breasts with milk ready for my hungry boy. Oh the relief! What a wonderful feeling. I actually had milk to spare (that I expressed ‘just in case’) and I went to bed happy in the knowledge that I didn’t need to wake needlessly to express for the next evening.

This stage of William’s passed soon enough, and I found that as he had growth spurts, he would go through phases of needing a bit more than I could offer (until my body caught up with the increased demand and my supply could equal his demand – usually just a few days). But each time, I had a few Boobie Bikkies put aside ready to go.

They are also fantastic when I am rushing to get somewhere and have missed a meal. Not only do they stop the rumbles in my stomach, but I know I am keeping my energy levels, and most importantly, my milk levels high.

I raved about them so much that when a close friend was moving house with a 3 week old baby (never a great idea!), she rang me at about 9:30 at night and asked to steal a few Boobie Bikkies to help her out. She had been working so hard and feeding spasmodically over the few days, that she felt that her supply had dwindled along with all her energy reserves. I sent her home with enough to last a couple of days, and she said it saved her! She had a happy baby who wasn’t fussing as much, which made her life much more manageable and her guilt receded as she knew he was still getting his milk supply, even if she didn’t have time for three healthy meals a day.

So, thank you Pinky for your wonderful Boobie Bikkies… for their convenience, tasty goodness, and for the wonderful “full” feeling they provide!

Thankyou to Melbourne mum Rebecca Jacques for sharing her story and great feedback about Boobie Bikkies

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  1. Jenny West says

    My lactation lady had me taking healthy nursing tea 3 times a day. Yeah alot I know. It worked though. Go to the breastfeeding clinic and get some more advice from their nurses!

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