Fun recycling ideas for your Boobie Bikkies Milk Cartons


We love our Boobie Bikkies cartons. And it seems, so do mums.

We get lots of of positive feedback about how pretty they are. When we had them designed, this was what we wanted, but we also needed the packs to be strong enough to ship without having crushed cookies.  Although we considered every element for practicality and sustainability, it seems many mums are reluctant to recycle Boobie Bikkies boxes into the  recycle bin, especially when they have toddlers as well as a baby.

So, in the spirit of recycling, here are some ideas for crafty projects to make  – as you eat your Boobie Bikkies, the pack can be a great play activity for your toddler!

This truck even has moving wheels – for instructions see origami mummy

These clever boats are from Lilla a designs 




A bird feeder  from pink and green mama

To make a bird feeder, cut openings on opposite sides of a clean carton and coat with nontoxic paint or cover with a collage then contact to make the cover waterproof(remember it will be out in the weather). Glue twigs or icy pole sticks onto the roof and for a perch, poke holes below the openings and slip a dowel through the holes. Fill the bottom of the feeder with birdseed mix, then hang the feeder in a spot that’s easy to watch but far enough away from fences or posts to thwart predators.



The wheels on the bus……. we all know the song, lets make the bus. Get instructions at tip junky  



Have fun making  things with your toddler  with Boobie Bikkies cartons – they are sturdy so will be great for little fingers to decorate whether you make something ‘fancy’ or just cover them in fun bits and pieces like this game sent to us by a mum




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